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Why this site?

You must be thinking... why did Arpit make this site? Well, the reason is simple.. this site is expected to provide you with all the information that you would ever require about me!

But hey! Wait a minute... won't that get kinda boring? Yes... I know that! That's the reason why I have provided you with a lot of stuff to keep yourself entertained while you are here!
Read more below to find out! Have fun!!!


In this site:

If you are lucky enough, you shall find... well... something about everything including Current Stuff, International and National affairs, Tech News, Medical News (of course this is my fav), Innovations and Discoveries of the day and finally some hot gossips from Hollywood and Bollywood to fill your plate...

If that doesn't sufficiently stimulate your 1400 CC Engine (i.e. your brain!), these MIGHT help: Jokes, Puzzles, Photo albums (Mine and others!), Music, Softwares (only free ones!)

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Check out the SHOUTBOX. Now you can chat live with your friends anywhere in the world!

About Me Well... as they say... one should not brag about his abilities...
I have managed to take care of that aspect while preparing this section...
This section of the site features my C. V. (Curriculum Vitae). This is absolute MUST SEE for all those who are here for Professional Purposes.
It also features other interesting things that you might want to read. So... go see it!

Current Affairs Walk through these doors to be enlightened about the current happenings of the World.
This is your one-stop shop for knowledge of all the International and National(India) Events. Also featuring Tech.News(R) and Medical News from round the world!
Get to know the Invention/Discovery of the Day and read the Thought of the Day!
This one's for the Enthusiasts only!

Cool Stuff MUSIC: Direct download links to Songs, Albums and Videos of over 10 artists... Check out if YOUR favorite is in the list!

SOFTWARE: Now featuring direct download links to the MOST USEFUL and MUST HAVE Softwares... Most of these are freewares (So, NO TENSION ABOUT REGISTRATION!)

Movies et. al. Read REVIEWS, download WALLPAPERS and get to know of some HOT GOSSIPS from the Hollywood and the Bollywood.

Also, find info about show timings of current movies along with the ticket prices (New!)

Have Some Fun JOKE OF THE DAY!
Plus some really hilarious JOKES..
And some really WEIRD FACTS...

Solve PUZZLES (2* to 5* only!). Also lay your hand and head at the TOUGHEST SUDOKU PUZZLE EVER!

There's more of this stuff and fun will practically never end!

Photo Albums This section features all the beautiful (and not so beautiful) photos that are a part of my personal album... If u r my friend, you MUST be featured somewhere!
This section also has some really good wallpapers which are a must-have!

There is something more! A quasi-hidden PASSWORD PROTECTED section is also featured. You can either figure the password out or beg for it! Whichever way, its gonna be a BIIIGGGG surprise!


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